This week on campus: Unknown scholars left a colorful equation at the top of the Lone Mountain stairs. Who knew math could be so pretty?

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TBT: Holi Festival of Colors

USF Indian Student Organization (ISO) celebrated Holi, the religious Indian spring festival of color and love, on Welsch Field. Students threw powdered colors of purple yellow, green, red and pink and initiated water fights with their friends and peers.

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USF’s nursing students are receiving accolades for their work providing free health care to some of the city’s poorest residents. | More »

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Take a close look at some funky fungi. Recently MycoWorks shared their mycelium-driven sustainable design solutions on our Pier 15 Plaza. 

Mycotecture, a term coined by Philip Ross in 2007, is architecture grown from mushroom mycelium - the vegetative part fungus, sometimes underground and unseen. Similar to synthetic open-cell foams such as polystyrene, Mycelium materials are compostable and can serve carbon-sequestering. Myco-Works is developing ”standards for mycelium composites and their application as energy- and cost-efficient alternatives to synthetic polymer materials.”

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