Take a close look at some funky fungi. Recently MycoWorks shared their mycelium-driven sustainable design solutions on our Pier 15 Plaza. 

Mycotecture, a term coined by Philip Ross in 2007, is architecture grown from mushroom mycelium - the vegetative part fungus, sometimes underground and unseen. Similar to synthetic open-cell foams such as polystyrene, Mycelium materials are compostable and can serve carbon-sequestering. Myco-Works is developing ”standards for mycelium composites and their application as energy- and cost-efficient alternatives to synthetic polymer materials.”

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Translating science into plain English at the Exploratorium

As California and the nation race to educate more scientists, mathematicians, and creative thinkers, we can’t afford to leave students behind because they weren’t brought up speaking English, says Lynn Rankin, director of the Exploratorium’s Institute for Inquiry.

That’s why USF’s Sarah Capitelli has helped turn the San Francisco exploratorium’s renowned, hands-on science into language lessons for non-English speaking students. | Full story »

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Located between Lone Mountain and the Education Building, the USF Community Garden is a living laboratory for students, faculty, and staff interested in sustainable agriculture. | More »

We are so proud of our sister Nicole Vasquez for being chosen to act as Educational Director on the executive board for the incredible organization, Generation Citizen at University of San Francisco! We love watching her make a difference in our community!

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