"I’m proud to represent my country in this tournament, but also USF. The coaches taught me a lot here and they have an important role in my participation in this tournament."

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"Dat Sunset #usfca #university #ocean #beach #sunset #sunday"

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"My Friday Feels: rambles about missing the States and why that could be a good thing."

Matt Nazario Miller, senior media studies major, is studying abroad in London — his first time away from home. Learn more about what he misses about the states and why that’s apart of his growth as a person and USF student.

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"Studying in El Salvador and the Philippines helped open my eyes to suffering around the world, but also helped me look introspectively in my own life. Take a leap of faith & travel to Latin America this spring break and/or the Philippines for a semester."

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"A little butterfly visited me this morning- I hope everyone gets a little happiness sent their way too this weekend."

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"A garden of my favorite flowers just a 10 minute walk from campus."

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