President Obama has announced his intent to appoint USF Jewish Studies and Social Justice Professor, Lee Bycel to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

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I’m stupidly excited about this photo I took tonight.

first double exposure 

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Black holes, Big Bang explained by physicist Sir Roger Penrose

Best known for proving the existence of black holes, renowned math physicist Sir Roger Penrose proved that singularities (such as black hole) could be formed from the gravitational collapse of immense, dying stars.

He recently spoke at USF regarding the new proposed theory that our universe is just one phase.

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"Nothing more incredible than hearing the sounds of Mile Rock fog horn and Golden Gate Bridge fog horns as you fall asleep."

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"The University of San Francisco has hired a new president who wants to strengthen connections between the 159-year-old Jesuit school and the tech workers flooding the city."

[via SF Gate, photo by Barbara Ries] 

The Sign of a Great President

"Many things make a great Padre President, not the least of which is a strong nickname. USF welcomes Father Fitz."

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