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I’m thrilled to share my recent TEDx talk with you.
The video is a quick 10 minutes and is all about YOU (really)! It’s full of engaging examples, some funny and some thought provoking. Most important, it’s about how every decision you make can put up walls or open doors (something you can control everyday).

Dear USF, I lived in Phelan and ______.

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Dear USF,

Built in 1955 and named after the city’s three-time mayor, Phelan Hall is your premier student residence. The six-floor co-ed dorm boasts convenient location and ping-pong tables.

I lived in Phelan and ______.

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Dear USF, 

85 years ago, your oldest existing school building on the main campus was built: Kalmanovitz Hall (formerly known as Campion Hall, until 2008). Back then, “K Hall” housed the entire college. Today, it is home to the humanities and social sciences.

In Kalmanovitz Hall, I _____________.

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Until June 1978, Lone Mountain was the San Francisco College for Women. Today, 78,000 USF alumni and 1,200 Lone Mountain alumnae (like the class committee of 1956 on the photo) may remember hiking up and down the 104 steps of the Lone Mountain stairs on their way to class.

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